Newsletter, September 2010


Buckle up! Here we go again!

After a sunny and relaxing holiday is the time to sharpen the pen again for an intense autumn. During the parasol has, despite much sun and bath, made some product changes in our product portfolio. What those are, you will see more of below.

Until further notice, we hope you had a long and relaxing holiday and is ready for
new adventures with us this fall.

Rickard Eriksson, Export manager

Delfi Pro

The turn-up footrest are now equipped with a cog joint and the pelvis support is easier to adjust since we've changed the screws into hexagons for usage of the allen wrench.

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Zitzi Sharky
The previous tool-kit of Zitzi Sharky are no longer available and replaced by the universal allen wrench. Now you only need one tool for the main adjustments of the chair.

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Zitzi Clozitt
Even the previous tool-kit of Zitzi Clozitt are now replaced by the allen wrench for the main adjustments.

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Zitzi Seabass Pro

We've increased the possibilities for further assembly such as rotational barrier, brake drum and e-motion driving wheels.

The driving handles has a new design and even more stable than before.

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Expiring products

Our jackets and pants in the clothing series Sittermo has been deleted and will not be available to order ahead.

The thermo bag in all models is left to order and will not be deleted from the range.

Welcome Lars & Jonas!

New addition to our sales force! Both of them will work within the borders of Sweden.


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