Newsletter, October 2010


Product update, bottom plate!

The earlier mounting plates of Anatomic Sits are now available with an adjustment function. Both wood and plastic plates in a new twist with traces of itself. Several fittings are available and allows the mounting plate to be adjusted so that it works well with a seat in any form.

In addition, the ability to adjust the seat at will, both in depth, crosswise and angle.

Rickard Eriksson, Export manager


Art no.
Adjustable wooden plate size 1 (300x300 mm)
Adjustable wooden plate size 2 (335x350 mm)
Adjustable wooden plate size 3 (375x400 mm)
Adjustable plastic plate size 1 (250x205 mm)
Adjustable plastic plate size 2 (300x310 mm)
Adjustable plastic plate size 3 (330x340 mm)

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