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It all started with Bo Eriksson, who founded Anatomic Sitt AB in 1988, and the vision he had early on in his career. He wanted to find a balanced seating solution to persons with severe disabilities that would even help to reduce and/or prevent scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, and other deformities. He wanted to find a way to stabilize the hips in order to prevent dislocation and a way to avoid contractures in hips, legs, knees, feet, arms, and shoulders.

As a result, this vision would even serve to improve the user’s respiratory function and blood circulation. It would help alleviate pain as well as provide the possibility to movement, improved postural and head control, thus making it easier to communicate.

Custom-made to suit individual needs, the Anatomic Seat offers a functional seated position to the user. This solution is often the only option for persons with complex seating issues. For these individuals, choosing the proper form of support and pressure relief is critical in order for them to function in a seated position.

Anatomic Seats have been the backbone of the company since its start. At date, we have manufactured more than 16,000 seats, meaning we have gained much knowledge pertaining to more advanced seating problems. The seats have undergone further development and improvements on all levels throughout the years, so that we can in the future continue to provide even better products to both new and familiar users.